Nanaimo Computer Service

Hello! My name is Jason Seale, and I provide friendly computer, design, programming and web services in the city of Nanaimo and around the world ...

My Customers are as Varied as the Services I Offer

I am proud to work with a wide variety of customers, from seniors who need help with their first computer, to graphic designers who need someone to create functional, near pixel perfect implementations of their beautiful website designs.

Please see Computer Services and Design Services for more information.

I Consider All Jobs, Large and Small

I am happy to take on small projects as well as enterprise-level projects. Never assume that your needs are too insignificant to be considered, or too complex to be tackled.

Local and International Services

In today's world of digital communications and remote computer access, I can easily serve both local and international clients. I have worked for some customers for more than 15 years without ever actually meeting them. Simply Contact me today and we can discuss your needs.

A Few Notes About Local Services

If I am going to fix or service your computer locally, I usually come right to your home or office and work on it there. That way, we know everything is in context and will be up and running where it needs to be.

Most of my customers prefer to sit with me while I work on their system, and ask questions. As I enjoy the company, and generally have questions of my own, I encourage you to do so as well.

If you prefer me to take your system away and fix it off-site, I can do that too -- sometimes that is the best way to get the job done.

Please Call With Those Little Questions

I encourage you to call me with those little questions that you think will only take a nerd like me a minute or two to answer. I don't charge for a couple of minutes chatting on the phone, and I may be able to save you hours (or weeks) of frustration.

There have been countless times when I have found that a little bit of advice is all that was needed to get things flowing again.

I'm On Your Side

I'm not kidding around when I say friendly service. My priorities are to make you happy and to keep your costs down. My customers are treated fairly, with respect, and receive a professional level of service. If I can throw in a joke or two and make you laugh ... all the better!

Just call Jason Seale at 250-585-8160 for help now.

Remote Connection Software Download

If you would like me to be able to connect remotely to your computer, download this software:

Remote Connection Software - Click Here to Download the file:

  • The above download is a compressed zip file called
  • Once the file is saved on your computer, open it and run the helpme.exe file (you may only see the name helpme, without the .exe ending)
  • When the file had been run and is finished configuring your system, I will be able to log in and help you.
  • If you have trouble with the dowload, try downloading helpme.exe instead. Your browser will warn you the .exe files may be dangerous. If so, you need to choose to run the file anyway. I can help you through this part via phone; my number is:

On-Site Computer Service Area Includes: Nanaimo  •  Parksville  •  Ladysmith  •  Cedar  •  South Wellington  •  Lantzville  •  Extension  •  Boat Harbour  •  Nanoose Bay  •  Dolphin Beach  •  Errington

Off-Site and Remote Services are: International  •  Domestic

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